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     Our marketing department no longer worries about getting the            artwork ready, approved, and sent over for print because that              happens automatically.

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Print vs Digital Media


Many have made the claim that marketing has entered a digital era and that print is no more. Those in the know, however, maintain that traditional hardcopy advertising still fulfills an irreplaceable role, and the evidence seems to back them up.



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Our marketing department no longer worries about getting the artwork ready, approved, and sent over for print because that happens automatically.


How to Find The Right Printing Company For Your Brand​​

​Choosing the right printing company for your brand is very important. The fact is, your physical marketing collateral will leave a lasting impression on your targets. If the quality is compromised, your reputation would pay for it. Beyond the cost and quality, it is also very important to find a flexible print company which can deliver high-quality service at fair turnaround times. Below is a guide that will help you select an excellent printer. 1. Look for printing services in your vicinityBefore considering printing companies that are miles away from your company or online print services that are far away, you should look for excellent printers in your area or the neighboring city. If your business is in Simi Valley, find a printer in Ventura County, a Thousand Oaks printer, or Agoura Hills printer. This way, you would be able to closely investigate and monitor the quality and process of their printing service. 2. Visit their facilitiesSchedule a meeting with the printing company and visit their facilities. The quality of their facilities will reflect on how their finished product will turn out. See their printing process, talk to the staff and ask questions if necessary. Are they meticulous with their work? Are they using the latest printing technologies? You should also meet the person who would potentially handle your project and ensure you have a great rapport with each other. 3. Ensure they deliver what you needMake sure that the print company has the capability to deliver the product you require. Can they print posters, flyers, leaflets, newsletters, stickers and more? Do they have the right printer format? Can they deliver what your company needs in an acceptable timeframe? Is their price within your budget? They should also be easy to talk to and have the flexibility to respond to your requests. 4. Check the quality of their workRequest finished samples of graphics they designed and how they came out on the printer. You can also look at samples on their website, but it is better to check actual physical copies. This way, you can check the quality of their paper stock and prints. Does it have ink smudges? Are the images blurry? Are there typos on the text? Don’t sacrifice quality and choose a printer that offers value for your investment. 5. Ensure that they have high-level customer serviceYou will need to communicate with your printer for the entirety of your marketing project so you want someone who understands your needs, takes time to answer your queries, and listens to your suggestions. If there are any discrepancies on the printing requirements, they should be able to communicate with you before making any changes. Ensure that they are open, honest, and maintain friendly communications. 6. Investigate their reputation among their former clientsThe best way to know if they have what it takes to help you propel your brand is to look for their previous clientele. Look at the reviews on their websites or see what their clients are saying in social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Reviews are a good way to determine their credibility. You should also not hesitate to ask for references and give a call to their previous clients to ask about their experiences during their cooperation. If you are looking for a superb Agoura Hills printer or a printer in any of the surrounding areas and beyond, Corporate Graphics and Print is the best Ventura County printing service provider. We have been helping companies grow since 2002 and have continually reinvested in our technology and people. Our printing service extends to graphics creation, project management, printing, binding and warehousing. We also keep up to date with the latest design trends to give you quality printing service.

5 Print Materials to Increase Sales​

Are you hoping to raise your sales? Digital media makes it seem so easy to increase your reach. However, it is also very easy to get overwhelmed with various platforms, which makes it harder to reach your target audience. Many business owners tend to neglect print marketing because they think it is expensive and not effective. However, reality is very different.​ Prices for print ads have gotten significantly cheaper, and they work very well for specific demographics. If done correctly, they can certainly increase sales and generate a pleasant ROI. The more important thing is, your print materials do a lot when it comes to increasing the credibility of your business. Consumers might be very cautious about buying expensive items from unknown online shops, but if they see printed sales literature accompanied with company headers, address and contacts, it is easier to believe that the business is “authentic.” Here are five print materials that can help boost your business and strengthen your brand awareness: BannersBanners are the perfect outdoor ads for local businesses. Place them on busy intersections, along popular road routes or your storefront walls and windows. About 85 percent of your customers live within a five-mile radius of your business. This means that the chances of them viewing your printed banners are very high. The key is to make something that will pique their interest and make them stop to take a look at what you are trying to say.Business CardsIf you haven’t put much thought into your business cards, you are losing a great marketing tool. Giving business cards to your clients boosts your brand image by at least 200 percent. You can also give your old school business cards a twist to make them more memorable. Turn them into a bookmark, event ticket or discount coupons.Product CatalogsWhy are there still billions of catalogs mailed each year? Simple—because they still work. In fact, they can be considered one of the key drivers of sales. In a recent survey by a global consulting firm, it was revealed that 86 percent of women aged 18-30 said they bought an item after seeing it in catalogs. Catalogs are the first stop in the buying train which prompts customers to visit online and physical shops.PostcardsPostcards area flexible yet inexpensive marketing tool. They can be used to introduce new products, generate leads, cultivate your client base or advertise special offers or events. They are also very easy to distribute and are less offensive. You can even produce a series of cards throughout the year to strengthen your brand awareness.Flyers and BrochuresMake informative brochures that your customers would choose to keep and read at their leisure. Put them on your counters and tables. You can also look for other distribution channels such as hotels or public transport hubs.Marketing is not just about using one medium. Integrating digital media to your print ads is a very effective way to generate more traffic to your website. The most basic example is putting the URL of your website, your social media handles, or QR codes on your print materials.Corporate Graphics and PrintingCorporate Graphics & Printing, Inc. takes marketing beyond print to help you grow your business. If you are looking for an excellent Calabasas printer, Ventura County printer, or printer local to where you are, visit Corporate Graphics & Printing.As a leader in corporate printing and graphic design project management in California, our expertise will serve you well.​

How Business Printing Plays a Role In Your Marketing​

Your marketing materials are only as good as the paper and ink that they’re printed on.​ You wouldn’t pay top dollar for a company chef and then give them mediocre ingredients. If you’ve got a great chef, you give them the ingredients they need to make their great ideas pop with flavor.   Similarly, you don’t want mediocre materials for your marketing team. You’ve got a great team with great ideas. Make those great ideas brighter and more colorful by finding the right business printing solution. Looking for printing solutions anywhere can be difficult. Finding a company that has a holistic print management solution can help you create and deliver your materials, wherever and whenever you need them. Good Old Fashioned Brand Awareness Digital marketing is the talk of every department and conference right now, and for good reason. The rise of the internet and social media has forever changed the way that businesses can connect to consumers.  Of course, digital marketing hasn’t rendered physical types of marketing obsolete. Digital marketing is the thing that’s new, fresh, and exciting, but it certainly hasn’t replaced physical marketing. Companies still need to make use of a variety of physical print products to increase brand awareness and drive visibility. Corporate Graphics & Printing Oxnard printer solutions can help you create these physical print products to have a more holistic marketing strategy. Types of Print MarketingThere are a number of different types of print marketing that Oxnard printer companies, such as Corporate Graphics & Printing, can help you obtain: Letterhead and Envelopes: Making all your company’s physical mailing materials more professional and more effective. Communicate better with your clients and business partners.Business Cards: Containing company logos and colors, along with critical contact information like names, email addresses, social media handles, phone numbers, and even QR codes.Flyers and Brochures: People can navigate away from a website in a matter of seconds. Once a flyer or brochure is in their hand in the right setting, you’ve got their attention.Office Supplies: Great to give away to people, and great to have on hand.Posters: Advertise your next big event, the opening of your pop-up shop or the launch of your new website. Posters are a great way to connect with an engaged younger audience by meeting them in the places where they’re at. How Print Marketing Compliments a Digital StrategyEven if you’ve got a great social media strategy and a wonderful website, you’re going to need to find ways to pull an audience. Marketing to people already on the internet is not a great way to engage with the local community.  To engage with people in your area, you’ll need to show up where they’re at. And you’ll need to show up with colors, fonts, and ideas that grab them. Business printing helps you develop the materials to pop-up around the community and plaster those websites, brand names, and instagram handles all over the city. By integrating your print and digital marketing strategies, you’ll be able to utilize the physical space of your city to drive a higher digital engagement. Business printing from Corporate Graphics & Printing can help you find the right digital audience.  

Graphic Design, Printing, and Branding Terms You Need to Know​

Industry Terms You Should Know​Graphic design, printing, and branding all work in tandem to aid and define your company. Before diving into complicated graphic design and printing projects for your business, you should understand the terms used in the industry and how they affect you and your projects.   Graphic Design Terms LogoThe business logo is an integral part of any company and tells customers what you do at a glance. Your logo should use positive and negative space, color, and symbolism to its advantage in order to get your corporate message and mission across visually. PaletteA palette is a series of colors that work well with one another when used together. This can be analogous, colors close to each other on the color wheel like red and orange, or contrast with each other, such as red and green. Your color palette should evoke a certain emotion by utilizing color harmony and psychology. Scale and ResolutionThe scale of an image is how large it is, often by pixels or inches. The resolution relates to the number of pixels in your image; larger resolution means more pixels and generally equates to a more defined, crisp image than low resolution. High resolution images scale down easier, but low-resolution images are difficult to scale up.   Branding TermsBrandYour company’s brand is the collection of company imagery, logos, words and copy, name, and all other elements that give your business a unique presence. Your brand is what your company is, what it does, and what it stands for. Branding and Brand IdentityBranding and brand identity is the way in which you manipulate the perception of your business by customers and potential partners. This is done by defining your brand. Focus on what you want your customers to think of you and your company and use your graphic design to lead them there. MissionThis is an internal company statement that defines what your business is and what it aims to do. This also encompasses your market and planned markets, corporate philosophy, and who your primary customers are. Brand ManualA brand manual is a collection of documents containing your brand guidelines and mission statement, as well as information and locations of digital and physical assets used to define your brand. This should give your team an outline of design decisions that they can use to align your corporate identity no matter what project they’re working on. Printing Terms Bind and BinderyBinding joins a number of loose pages together with glue, staples, thread, or other methods, often with a cover. Bindery includes creating a bind as well as folding, collating, and trimming the pages and cover of each project. BleedBleed is a margin for printing that encompasses all edges of the page. An image that bleeds passes normal margins and reaches the edges of the paper after trimming. This can be used to create unique edge-to-edge graphic design. FormatFormat encompasses the size and shape of digital and printed material. It also includes an arrangement of visual elements, margins, white space, shapes, and organization of elements and material on the page. This can be used for interesting visual effects in printing and even on webpages.    

Streamlining Your Print Process​

Streamlining The Printing Process​Printing is an important part of any business. It makes up promotional material, marketing, employee information and handbooks, data and bookkeeping receipts, graphic design material, and much more. This is made even more complicated by the fact that print is making a comeback and is more engaging than digital media for marketing and promotion, so you’ll be expecting a lot more printing in the foreseeable future.   Because paper and ink can often be wasteful if your employees and coworkers are printer-happy, your company could be losing money and wasting time with poor printing practices. That’s why it’s important to streamline the printing process by managing workflow inefficiencies and outsourcing, from start of project to finish. These tips will help your business better streamline the process and make your printed material one of your company’s strengths. Digital Asset ManagementOne of the easiest ways to streamline your printing process is to use a digital asset management (DAM) system to keep all of your documents and images in one place. An effective DAM system is organized and can be filtered by file type and other metadata, such as company name, date, and usage information. One concise location for all of your digital assets can make finding and incorporating documents and images much more efficient. Set a Schedule  When a large printing project needs to be completed, a structured timeline can help create a streamlined process. Deadlines can keep coworkers and employees from procrastinating. If there are no immediate or strict deadlines, use your own to maintain constant progress on the project. Any outsourced materials should be given a timeline and procedural structure as well.   Understand and Mitigate InefficienciesSome inefficiencies may not seem like a big issue, but they can be sucking valuable time and resources from your workflow. For instance, using single-function printers creates a requirement for scanners and fax machines, which requires more space and ups costs. Print similar projects together at scheduled intervals instead of randomly. Workflow inefficiencies should be taken into account and adjusted to create a flow with the least amount of empty time and wasted cost. This can include delegating tasks, outsourcing to other companies, and so on. Teach New Procedures  New procedures when it comes to project management and printing can create confusion at first. One way to create an efficient and streamlined printing workflow is to teach new procedures in training and to provide documentation that outlines the process. This way you can be sure that each employee knows the process and has reference material if they ever forget a step or detail. Outsource Your PrintersOutsourcing your printing projects can mean the difference between wasted time and money and a stress-free, low-waste process. Partner with printing companies that specialize in efficient corporate workflow by offering on-demand and recurring printing solutions. An effective printing partner also offers asset management and graphic design and can work with your to mitigate workflow efficiencies from the outside in. Corporate Graphics & Printing, Inc. offers this and much more. Their California Central Coast printing services offers more than just ink and paper; with project management, workflow oversight, and graphic design expertise, you’ll wonder why you didn’t outsource sooner. Cut costs without cutting corners and partner with CORGFX.    


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