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     Our marketing department no longer worries about getting the            artwork ready, approved, and sent over for print because that              happens automatically.

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Print vs Digital Media


Many have made the claim that marketing has entered a digital era and that print is no more. Those in the know, however, maintain that traditional hardcopy advertising still fulfills an irreplaceable role, and the evidence seems to back them up.



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Our marketing department no longer worries about getting the artwork ready, approved, and sent over for print because that happens automatically.


Graphic Design, Printing, and Branding Terms You Need to Know​

Industry Terms You Should Know​Graphic design, printing, and branding all work in tandem to aid and define your company. Before diving into complicated graphic design and printing projects for your business, you should understand the terms used in the industry and how they affect you and your projects.   Graphic Design Terms LogoThe business logo is an integral part of any company and tells customers what you do at a glance. Your logo should use positive and negative space, color, and symbolism to its advantage in order to get your corporate message and mission across visually. PaletteA palette is a series of colors that work well with one another when used together. This can be analogous, colors close to each other on the color wheel like red and orange, or contrast with each other, such as red and green. Your color palette should evoke a certain emotion by utilizing color harmony and psychology. Scale and ResolutionThe scale of an image is how large it is, often by pixels or inches. The resolution relates to the number of pixels in your image; larger resolution means more pixels and generally equates to a more defined, crisp image than low resolution. High resolution images scale down easier, but low-resolution images are difficult to scale up.   Branding TermsBrandYour company’s brand is the collection of company imagery, logos, words and copy, name, and all other elements that give your business a unique presence. Your brand is what your company is, what it does, and what it stands for. Branding and Brand IdentityBranding and brand identity is the way in which you manipulate the perception of your business by customers and potential partners. This is done by defining your brand. Focus on what you want your customers to think of you and your company and use your graphic design to lead them there. MissionThis is an internal company statement that defines what your business is and what it aims to do. This also encompasses your market and planned markets, corporate philosophy, and who your primary customers are. Brand ManualA brand manual is a collection of documents containing your brand guidelines and mission statement, as well as information and locations of digital and physical assets used to define your brand. This should give your team an outline of design decisions that they can use to align your corporate identity no matter what project they’re working on. Printing Terms Bind and BinderyBinding joins a number of loose pages together with glue, staples, thread, or other methods, often with a cover. Bindery includes creating a bind as well as folding, collating, and trimming the pages and cover of each project. BleedBleed is a margin for printing that encompasses all edges of the page. An image that bleeds passes normal margins and reaches the edges of the paper after trimming. This can be used to create unique edge-to-edge graphic design. FormatFormat encompasses the size and shape of digital and printed material. It also includes an arrangement of visual elements, margins, white space, shapes, and organization of elements and material on the page. This can be used for interesting visual effects in printing and even on webpages.    

Streamlining Your Print Process​

Streamlining The Printing Process​Printing is an important part of any business. It makes up promotional material, marketing, employee information and handbooks, data and bookkeeping receipts, graphic design material, and much more. This is made even more complicated by the fact that print is making a comeback and is more engaging than digital media for marketing and promotion, so you’ll be expecting a lot more printing in the foreseeable future.   Because paper and ink can often be wasteful if your employees and coworkers are printer-happy, your company could be losing money and wasting time with poor printing practices. That’s why it’s important to streamline the printing process by managing workflow inefficiencies and outsourcing, from start of project to finish. These tips will help your business better streamline the process and make your printed material one of your company’s strengths. Digital Asset ManagementOne of the easiest ways to streamline your printing process is to use a digital asset management (DAM) system to keep all of your documents and images in one place. An effective DAM system is organized and can be filtered by file type and other metadata, such as company name, date, and usage information. One concise location for all of your digital assets can make finding and incorporating documents and images much more efficient. Set a Schedule  When a large printing project needs to be completed, a structured timeline can help create a streamlined process. Deadlines can keep coworkers and employees from procrastinating. If there are no immediate or strict deadlines, use your own to maintain constant progress on the project. Any outsourced materials should be given a timeline and procedural structure as well.   Understand and Mitigate InefficienciesSome inefficiencies may not seem like a big issue, but they can be sucking valuable time and resources from your workflow. For instance, using single-function printers creates a requirement for scanners and fax machines, which requires more space and ups costs. Print similar projects together at scheduled intervals instead of randomly. Workflow inefficiencies should be taken into account and adjusted to create a flow with the least amount of empty time and wasted cost. This can include delegating tasks, outsourcing to other companies, and so on. Teach New Procedures  New procedures when it comes to project management and printing can create confusion at first. One way to create an efficient and streamlined printing workflow is to teach new procedures in training and to provide documentation that outlines the process. This way you can be sure that each employee knows the process and has reference material if they ever forget a step or detail. Outsource Your PrintersOutsourcing your printing projects can mean the difference between wasted time and money and a stress-free, low-waste process. Partner with printing companies that specialize in efficient corporate workflow by offering on-demand and recurring printing solutions. An effective printing partner also offers asset management and graphic design and can work with your to mitigate workflow efficiencies from the outside in. Corporate Graphics & Printing, Inc. offers this and much more. Their California Central Coast printing services offers more than just ink and paper; with project management, workflow oversight, and graphic design expertise, you’ll wonder why you didn’t outsource sooner. Cut costs without cutting corners and partner with CORGFX.    

Marketing with Graphic Design and Printing

Graphic Design’s Role in Marketing​Graphic design is the most important element in marketing. Without a solid design strategy for your marketing campaign, you can leave readers confused or put off, meaning they won’t want to engage with you. Here’s what graphic design does for your business’s marketing. Inform Readers About Your Business  When people see your marketing material, either online or in person, they should immediately know what your business is about. This is done through efficient and specialized graphic design. Typeface, images, logos, and colors all let the reader know something about you. This is one of the most important things your graphic design can do. People who don’t care about your business won’t be bothered to care about your goods or services, either. Answer QuestionsWhen seeing your marketing, clients will have questions. They’ll wonder what your business is about, what goods or services you provide, what that has to do with them in the first place, and so on. If your design has been structured and crafted expertly, then these questions will be answered by visuals alone, before any text has been read. If your reader has too many questions after looking at your marketing material, they’ll be confused and look elsewhere.   Intrigue and Engage Graphic design can, and should, intrigue and engage your audience into making them want more information about you or the things you offer. Answer the most important questions about your business, but leave some things open-ended. Let the curiosity of the reader get the better of them, prompting them to look for more information themselves. This search also creates a bond whereby they’ve already spent time “getting to know you,” so to speak, by hunting that information down. It’s a balancing act between answering the right questions, but leaving some things open. Create Effective Marketing Strategies with DesignObviously the visual aspects of marketing materials can have a huge effect on the success of your campaign. It’s imperative, then, that your design be as sharp and efficient as possible. Here are just a few ways you can create an effective marketing strategy tailored around graphic design. Call to ActionBy connecting emotionally with your audience, you create a bond between them and your brand. This emotional bond creates loyalty, and it’s a great way to form a strong call to action in your marketing. User appealing, action-oriented graphics and photos to encourage your readers to engage. Infographic An infographic is a great way to portray information without sacrificing on visual aids. In fact, because people take in visuals far faster than text, an infographic may be the best way for you to express data, tips, and other short bursts of information to your audience.  Recurring Elements Nothing intrigues the brain quite like patterns. A recurring element in your design is not only interesting, it’s memorable. This can be a logo, a mascot, the same model in a series of photos, and so on.  Go Further with Marketing and Design with Corporate Graphics and Printing Creating the right marketing strategy takes knowledge, experience, and most importantly, the right design. Team up with Corporate Graphics & Printing, Inc. to craft the perfect marketing and graphic design strategy. Our print management solutions will help you craft, manage, and deliver the perfect material, no matter the project.  

Brand Management Through Graphic Design​

Graphic design and brand identity are two sides of the same coin; you can’t have a corporate image without, well, images. Logos, colors, and format all help tell clients what your company stands for. Read more to learn how graphic design truly impacts brand identity.  ​ Brand and DesignIn business, identity is everything. Without an outward appearance that solicits an emotional response from potential clients, companies crumble. For example, Apple, Inc. carries itself as a professional, sleek tech company for the intelligent user. People who want to express themselves as wealthy, professional, and collected may associate with Apple’s brand identity and are more likely to purchase their products. Your business should do the same; express your corporate message and personality through visuals and branding. This means using the right design elements. Typeface, color, logo design, website structure, and more all contribute to the identity of your company.  All Design Elements Lead to Brand Identity Every aspect of your company’s design tells the viewer something about your brand. From business cards to pamphlets, the visual decisions you make for your company will stick with the viewer. Because of this, you must be cognizant of the message your graphic design is sending to potential and current clients. You want to make it easy for potential clients to understand your brand’s goals and message at a glance through logos, images, and colors. Ask yourself what each element of design adds to your brand’s identity and message, and get rid of design components that detract from the big picture. This can be changing your company’s core colors, removing images that don’t have the right emotional impression, and so on. The colors and design elements you choose should really define your business. Go Beyond The Simple Elements   Choosing the right color and typeface for your marketing materials is just the first step in creating an identity that resonates with potential clients. Consider ways in which those elements can contribute to your blog, website, and social media profiles. Images should also fit your style and tone. Even something as simple as format and structure can make your marketing strategy pop in a way that tells audiences what you’re all about. If something in your corporate strategy isn’t working for the tone you’d like to reflect, consider changing it or even getting rid of it altogether. A new logo or set of colors can completely change what people see in your business. New pamphlet or report designs, including binding and folds, can solidify what distinguishes you from the competition in a subtle way. Corporate Graphics & Printing, Inc. Defines Brand with Design  Corporate Graphics & Printing, Inc. is the California Central Coast’s leading corporate printing partner. Not only do we help businesses achieve clever printing solutions for their project goals, but we help maintain and define brand identity and image through tailor-made graphic design. Big or small, we’ll work with you to get your message across through creative solutions and high-quality print management systems. We go beyond print to help you reach your goals. Efficient, scalable, and simple business strategies and printing solutions starts with CORGFX.  

Corporate Printing Trends To Utilize In 2019​

Corporate Printing in the Modern Day Corporate printing campaigns are an important part of marketing and lead generation. Corporate printing may seem out-of-date with both television and the internet’s prevalent use, but print is still one of the biggest industries in the world. In fact, print is a $900 billion dollar industry and direct mail marketing generates a 37% higher response than email. Print is still an important part of any business, big or small, but to keep up in these modern times means staying up-to-date with the latest in printing trends. These are the top trends affecting print in marketing and business today, and how to utilize them for better lead generation and sales growth.​ Digital and Traditional Media Converge As technology takes over just about every facet of human activity, we’ll continue to see a merge of digital and traditional media. From generating and including QR codes in print to utilizing the paper itself over or through a digital interface, technology and print are converging. Digital and print, when meeting in the middle, can bridge the gap between what your print-only clients experience and what your digital-only users experience. By pairing deals or marketing campaigns across both print and digital, you’ll reach a wider audience and gain more interaction, solidifying your return on investments.  Security is More Important than Ever Before Keeping private data is more important now than ever before. With an open flow of information sharing on the internet, many people worry about their data being stolen or breached in some way. For corporations that print and handle sensitive information, it’s important to work with a corporate printing company that holds security to a high standard for today’s data age. Integrating technology with your printing projects can help you manage private data without letting it through onto printed material. Making security a priority will cultivate trust between client, employee, and your business. Printed Media is Making a ComebackAlthough digital and traditional media are being paired in the current market, print is actually making a comeback. Alongside being a nearly trillion dollar industry, consumers find print to be more engaging and less annoying than digital advertisements and marketing campaigns. By making print a larger part of your marketing budget, you’ll increase interaction and retention of clients and leads. Traditional media that is tangible can help business partners and employees retain information, solidifying any information you shared during an event or meeting. Using print is a sure way to see solid return on investments in your marketing printing projects.  Corporate Graphics and Printing Corporate Graphics & Printing, Inc. is California central coast’s leader in corporate printing and graphic design project management. We keep up with the latest in corporate printing trends and help ensure that all of your printing projects meet today’s standards. Not only does CORGFX provide unmatched printing services in a wide variety of high-quality formats, we also provide brand management and digital media integration so your printing projects will shine no matter how they’re viewed. Serving the Vetura, Oxnard, Moorpark, and surrounding areas for over 15 years, Corporate Graphics & Printing, Inc. goes a step above the rest to bring you contemporary, effective printing solutions built for your business.  


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