How Business Printing Plays a Role In Your Marketing​

Your marketing materials are only as good as the paper and ink that they’re printed on.​


You wouldn’t pay top dollar for a company chef and then give them mediocre ingredients. If you’ve got a great chef, you give them the ingredients they need to make their great ideas pop with flavor.  


Similarly, you don’t want mediocre materials for your marketing team. You’ve got a great team with great ideas. Make those great ideas brighter and more colorful by finding the right business printing solution.


Looking for printing solutions anywhere can be difficult. Finding a company that has a holistic print management solution can help you create and deliver your materials, wherever and whenever you need them.


Good Old Fashioned Brand Awareness


Digital marketing is the talk of every department and conference right now, and for good reason. The rise of the internet and social media has forever changed the way that businesses can connect to consumers. 


Of course, digital marketing hasn’t rendered physical types of marketing obsolete. Digital marketing is the thing that’s new, fresh, and exciting, but it certainly hasn’t replaced physical marketing.


Companies still need to make use of a variety of physical print products to increase brand awareness and drive visibility. Corporate Graphics & Printing Oxnard printer solutions can help you create these physical print products to have a more holistic marketing strategy.


Types of Print Marketing

There are a number of different types of print marketing that Oxnard printer companies, such as Corporate Graphics & Printing, can help you obtain:


  • Letterhead and Envelopes: Making all your company’s physical mailing materials more professional and more effective. Communicate better with your clients and business partners.
  • Business Cards: Containing company logos and colors, along with critical contact information like names, email addresses, social media handles, phone numbers, and even QR codes.
  • Flyers and Brochures: People can navigate away from a website in a matter of seconds. Once a flyer or brochure is in their hand in the right setting, you’ve got their attention.
  • Office Supplies: Great to give away to people, and great to have on hand.
  • Posters: Advertise your next big event, the opening of your pop-up shop or the launch of your new website. Posters are a great way to connect with an engaged younger audience by meeting them in the places where they’re at.


How Print Marketing Compliments a Digital Strategy

Even if you’ve got a great social media strategy and a wonderful website, you’re going to need to find ways to pull an audience. Marketing to people already on the internet is not a great way to engage with the local community. 


To engage with people in your area, you’ll need to show up where they’re at. And you’ll need to show up with colors, fonts, and ideas that grab them. Business printing helps you develop the materials to pop-up around the community and plaster those websites, brand names, and instagram handles all over the city.


By integrating your print and digital marketing strategies, you’ll be able to utilize the physical space of your city to drive a higher digital engagement. Business printing from Corporate Graphics & Printing can help you find the right digital audience.