Define Business Identity With Corporate Printing Solutions​


​Brand Identity and Printing

Brand identity is one of the most important aspects of business development. With a solid brand identity, people will know what your business does and the professional experience they should expect when working with you. You’ll also stand out from competitors with a recognizable image. Brand identity is defined by logos, colors, and voice through media. With just a glance, potential clients should know what to expect when working with you; from communicating a particular emotional connection to defining your goals as a business, your brand identity and corporate graphic design should send your brand’s message before ever saying a word.


With print still dominating the media and marketing landscape, it would be a mistake not to consider your brand identity in print. Creating themes, logos, and color schemes that define your business, and synchronizing them across all forms of print and digital media you produce, will create an instantly recognizable style and, in turn, generate brand loyalty. 


Think Small...

Printing projects that help define business identity don’t need to be big, eye-catching posters to get the message across. Elegant letterheads for printed correspondence, stylish business cards with your business’s color scheme and logo, and pamphlets or brochures with your tagline and a themed format can add brand identity to basic printing projects. Even the particular typeface your business uses can define your style and characteristics. By marking business printing projects with a logo and synchronized theme, you’ll create a recognizable array of media for potential clients to associate your brand with. 

Other things to consider branding with your logo, tagline, and other associated themes, might be product packaging, themed catalogues, and other promotional items. When someone sees an advertisement for your company or products, they should understand your voice and style as a business; what better way to do that than by creating engaging branding for your promotional material? 


...Scale Up

Just because your brand can be identified by small-scale projects doesn’t mean you shouldn’t aim for larger print. In fact, a themed presentation, business report, or banner can help create a sense of professionalism for business partners and leads, helping you stand out during events or even in your local marketplace. Your voice and theme should be clear from a distance, informing the public of your existence and your mission. 


By creating synergy between your large format and small format printing projects, people who seek out your business’s goods or services will remember your brand long after your initial correspondence is over. 


Corporate Graphics Helps You Define Business Identity with Print

Corporate Graphics & Printing, Inc. is dedicated to helping you define your business identity through a variety of printing projects. With expert graphic design, printing management, and project fulfillment, we help you synergize your brand identity and themes across multiple printing projects. Large format, large scale, or small projects, we’ll help you define your brand identity so your printed media helps your business stand out. Not only that, but Corporate Graphics helps reduce waste and mitigate mistakes in marketing and production, so you can rest easy knowing your brand is in good hands.