Corporate Printing Trends To Utilize In 2019​

Corporate Printing in the Modern Day 
Corporate printing campaigns are an important part of marketing and lead generation. Corporate printing may seem out-of-date with both television and the internet’s prevalent use, but print is still one of the biggest industries in the world. In fact, print is a $900 billion dollar industry and direct mail marketing generates a 37% higher response than email. Print is still an important part of any business, big or small, but to keep up in these modern times means staying up-to-date with the latest in printing trends. These are the top trends affecting print in marketing and business today, and how to utilize them for better lead generation and sales growth.​


Digital and Traditional Media Converge 

As technology takes over just about every facet of human activity, we’ll continue to see a merge of digital and traditional media. From generating and including QR codes in print to utilizing the paper itself over or through a digital interface, technology and print are converging. Digital and print, when meeting in the middle, can bridge the gap between what your print-only clients experience and what your digital-only users experience. By pairing deals or marketing campaigns across both print and digital, you’ll reach a wider audience and gain more interaction, solidifying your return on investments. 


Security is More Important than Ever Before 

Keeping private data is more important now than ever before. With an open flow of information sharing on the internet, many people worry about their data being stolen or breached in some way. For corporations that print and handle sensitive information, it’s important to work with a corporate printing company that holds security to a high standard for today’s data age. Integrating technology with your printing projects can help you manage private data without letting it through onto printed material. Making security a priority will cultivate trust between client, employee, and your business.


Printed Media is Making a Comeback

Although digital and traditional media are being paired in the current market, print is actually making a comeback. Alongside being a nearly trillion dollar industry, consumers find print to be more engaging and less annoying than digital advertisements and marketing campaigns. By making print a larger part of your marketing budget, you’ll increase interaction and retention of clients and leads. Traditional media that is tangible can help business partners and employees retain information, solidifying any information you shared during an event or meeting. Using print is a sure way to see solid return on investments in your marketing printing projects. 


Corporate Graphics and Printing 
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