Brand Management Through Graphic Design​

Graphic design and brand identity are two sides of the same coin; you can’t have a corporate image without, well, images. Logos, colors, and format all help tell clients what your company stands for. Read more to learn how graphic design truly impacts brand identity.  ​


Brand and Design

In business, identity is everything. Without an outward appearance that solicits an emotional response from potential clients, companies crumble. For example, Apple, Inc. carries itself as a professional, sleek tech company for the intelligent user. People who want to express themselves as wealthy, professional, and collected may associate with Apple’s brand identity and are more likely to purchase their products. Your business should do the same; express your corporate message and personality through visuals and branding. This means using the right design elements. Typeface, color, logo design, website structure, and more all contribute to the identity of your company. 


All Design Elements Lead to Brand Identity 

Every aspect of your company’s design tells the viewer something about your brand. From business cards to pamphlets, the visual decisions you make for your company will stick with the viewer. Because of this, you must be cognizant of the message your graphic design is sending to potential and current clients. You want to make it easy for potential clients to understand your brand’s goals and message at a glance through logos, images, and colors. Ask yourself what each element of design adds to your brand’s identity and message, and get rid of design components that detract from the big picture. This can be changing your company’s core colors, removing images that don’t have the right emotional impression, and so on. The colors and design elements you choose should really define your business.


Go Beyond The Simple Elements   

Choosing the right color and typeface for your marketing materials is just the first step in creating an identity that resonates with potential clients. Consider ways in which those elements can contribute to your blog, website, and social media profiles. Images should also fit your style and tone. Even something as simple as format and structure can make your marketing strategy pop in a way that tells audiences what you’re all about. If something in your corporate strategy isn’t working for the tone you’d like to reflect, consider changing it or even getting rid of it altogether. A new logo or set of colors can completely change what people see in your business. New pamphlet or report designs, including binding and folds, can solidify what distinguishes you from the competition in a subtle way.


Corporate Graphics & Printing, Inc. Defines Brand with Design  

Corporate Graphics & Printing, Inc. is the California Central Coast’s leading corporate printing partner. Not only do we help businesses achieve clever printing solutions for their project goals, but we help maintain and define brand identity and image through tailor-made graphic design. Big or small, we’ll work with you to get your message across through creative solutions and high-quality print management systems. We go beyond print to help you reach your goals. Efficient, scalable, and simple business strategies and printing solutions starts with CORGFX.